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Mares Atlas Adj 62X TBP

Atlas details

The Atlas Adj 62X is the new all-metal regulator from Mares. This high-quality regulator meets the expectations of even the most demanding divers. The 62X TBP first stage features Auto Sealing Technology (AST), which protects against water ingress into the first stage.

Dynamic Flow Control (DFC) system that guarantees a high, constant airflow. The DFC system (Mares patent) minimizes pressure drop. This pressure drop occurs on all first stages as the diver inhales. The phenomenon is even more pronounced as the depth increases and the demand for air from the regulator is greater.
The DFC system is an exclusive system – unique in the market – that focuses on the diver's actual air needs, regardless of depth and cylinder pressure.
The DFC system uses the Venturi effect to provide optimum regulator sensitivity and minimum breathing resistance, especially when diving in extreme conditions.

The TBP system is an addition of a fully closed piston closed by Orings that controls the valve system of the diaphragm system. The perfect cold water protection and the 1st stage valve opens with a particularly fast response and optimum opening and always closes without getting out of position. This guarantees high operational reliability. 

All Mares regulators are certified to 200 meters and tested by the Norsok to 400 meters And of course all cold water CE approved 

The Atlas Adj 62X is the best recreational regulator in the industry for use in cold water and deep dives. The second stage is made entirely of metal, making it solid, robust and reliable.

The VAD system "the bypass tube" provides a direct airflow towards the mouthpiece via the second stage and also supports the diaphragm with the opening of the valve.

The air supplied through the intermediate pressure hose passes through the second stage control valve and is directed through the bypass tube (Mares patent) directly to the nozzle. In the opening to the mouthpiece, the air creates a swirling motion. In the center of this vortex there is a lower pressure, which keeps the diaphragm of the second stage down and the regulator responds all the more quickly. The absolute advantage of the VAD system lies in the precision with which this is done. VAD ensures that inhalation is no more effort than necessary.
Another advantage of the VAD system has to do with the bypass tube, through which most of the air is supplied. When diving in cold water, the system prevents ice crystals from forming (which is possible due to the expansion of humid air in cold temperatures) and keeps the second stage components working properly. 

The PAD ( pneumatically supporting the balance chamber of the 2the step valve) ensures an almost resistanceless delivery of the breathing air.

The metal 2the trap is the perfect buddy in cold water and with the tilting cover/push button it is easy to operate with thick gloves. Metal second stages perform better than second stages made of plastic, especially in cold water. This is due to the high degree of heat conductivity, which limits freezing. Other benefits include improved durability and longer service life. You are also less likely to suffer from a dry mouth.

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