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Lecture Marcel Binken during Duikvaker 2014

Marcel Binken

photo: Cor Kuyvenhoven

When as a diver you lose both lower legs and you set yourself a high goal; if you pick up your passion again within a year and you also accomplish it, then you have a special story. A story that is so special that the national press paid attention to it. De Telegraaf devoted an article to the adventure and Panorama magazine devoted 5 pages to it.

It's the story of Marcel Binken. A story that started in July 2012 and ended in June 2013 at a depth of 15 meters in the Red Sea.

To keep everyone informed of his ups and downs, he decided at the time to create a blog to start. The blog was so well-visited that by June 2013, it was read more than 40,000 times by people around the world and is now out in book form.

In a catchy lecture, Marcel tells his story during Duikvaker 2014. A story about how it is possible, despite the loss of both lower legs, to enter the water as a fully-fledged diver. The lecture tells the experiences of a diver who fought his way back to the underwater world. A story full of deep valleys and high peaks, full of setbacks and victories, full of passion and fighting spirit, but above all full of humor and self-mockery.

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