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Corona measures on stock exchanges will expire

The cabinet has decided to let go of almost all corona rules. First there will be another week of relaxation and then most measures will go overboard. As of February 18, 2022 The corona ticket will remain for a while. In places where a corona pass is required, visitors no longer have to keep 1.5 meters away. The mask obligation disappears…

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Join the Navy on Duikvaker!

The Defense Diving Group will once again be present at Duikvaker this year, on April 2 and 3 in Expo Houten. Defense Diving Group The Defense Diving Group carries out diving operations and clears explosives under water. These Navy divers also repair submerged vessels and check ports for possible explosivesThe divers, who are not only for military but also…

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Dive more often moved to April 2 and 3, 2022

The organization of Duikvaker has decided on January 4 to move Duikvaker 2022 to April 2 and 3. The Netherlands is still in lockdown. Normally we are very much looking forward to the event in this month(s), but now we can only wait and see whether Duikvaker can or cannot continue in February. The preparation time…

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