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Cucumber Time Is Coming: 4 Tips for Diving-Themed Movies


When temperatures rise and television programming consists mostly of reruns, you know it's cucumber time. This is the ideal time to prepare the popcorn and chips and let yourself be carried away by an exciting diving movie. Here are four films that will take you on breathtaking underwater adventures.

"The Abyss" (1989)

“The Abyss” is a science fiction adventure film released in 1989, directed and screenplay by James Cameron. The lead roles are played by Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Michael Biehn. Set during the Cold War, the story follows a civilian dive team who are called upon to help search for a missing nuclear submarine. As they descend further into the depths of the ocean, they not only face the dangers inherent in their mission, but also encounter an alien aquatic species.

The film is known for its eye-catching visual effects and underwater cinematography, with Cameron's skill in creating compelling and breathtaking underwater scenes stand out. “The Abyss” received wide acclaim for its innovative storytelling techniques, gripping suspense, and exploration of themes such as teamwork, self-sacrifice, and the resilience of the human spirit. The beautiful underwater visuals make this a must-see film for diving enthusiasts.


“Open Water” (2003)

“Open Water” is a haunting American survival thriller released in 2003. The film, directed by Chris Kentis, follows the story of American couple Daniel Kintner and Susan Watkins who go on a diving vacation to improve their relationship. However, their peaceful getaway takes a chilling turn when they are accidentally left behind after their excursion boat leaves without them.

The film is based on the true story of Tom and Eileen Lonergan, a couple who were unwittingly left behind during a diving trip in Australia's Great Barrier Reef. "Open Water" depicts Daniel and Susan's terrifying experience when they realize their boat is not returning. Facing hunger, exhaustion and the constant threat of sharks circling beneath the surface, Open Water received mixed reviews from critics, but stood out for its realistic depiction of the couple's terrifying plight. The film's low budget, estimated at between $120,000 and $500,000, and its documentary-like style contribute to its intense atmosphere.


"The Big Blue" (1988)

Jacques Mayol and Enzo Molinari, two children who grew up in the 1960s on the Greek island of Amorgos, shared a common passion: scuba diving. After a traumatic childhood event in which Jacques' father drowned during a dive, both boys were driven by their love of the sea and went on to become renowned freedivers.

In the 1980s, they were both well-known freedivers. Enzo, now living in Sicily, was a world champion and wanted to convince Jacques to return to freediving, to prove he was still the best. Jacques, who was mainly engaged in scientific research and work with dolphins, fell in love with the insurance broker Johana Baker.

Jacques Enzo broke Enzo's record at the subsequent World Scuba Diving Championships. Despite the doctor's advice not to dive any deeper, Enzo ignored this advice. He dived anyway, but was unable to return to the surface. Jacques saved him, but Enzo died in his arms, asking Jacques to return his body to the deep.

After this incident, Jacques seemed to recover, but his fascination with the depths of the sea remained. When Johana, who was pregnant with Jacques, found him unconscious in the middle of the night, she realized the extent of Jacques' obsession. Despite her pleas, Jacques prepared for one last swim. He disappeared into the depths, accompanied by a dolphin, and disappeared into the unknown.

The beautiful cinematography and compelling story make it an unforgettable viewing experience.


“The Rescue” (2021)

“The Rescue” is a documentary that was launched in 2021. This film brings the fascinating and remarkable account of the courageous liberation of twelve boys and their coach from the depths of a flooded cave in Thailand. The film, under the inspiring direction and production of Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, documents the improbable mission that gripped the world in 2018.

The documentary highlights the extraordinary efforts of the rescue team, who maneuver under perilous conditions and race against time to save the lives of the trapped boys. It highlights the courage, determination and teamwork that went into the demanding operation and delivers a gripping and emotional account that showcases the triumph of human resilience and spirit.

“The Rescue” received acclaim for its compelling storytelling and intimate portrayal of the individuals involved in the rescue mission. It provides a detailed overview of the events and highlights the complexities and risks faced by the rescuers. The film offers a moving exploration of the human capacity for courage and selflessness in the face of adversity.


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