Your starfish of 2014?

Photo: Ron Offermans

This year, Duiken in Beeld is going to decorate their Christmas tree differently – with starfish! And they need your help with that. And who knows, it might even get you a Christmas present.

They want their Christmas tree this year to be different than usual. They're going to hang starfish in it. And that can be photos of the starfish that you find underwater on the bottom, but also people who are your 'starfish'. Will you help?

Your starfish photo
Send your photos of starfish to Duiken in Beeld! They put them together in a real starfish album and will regularly share photos from the album by name on Facebook and in other social media in December.

Send your photo to Actie(at) by 29 December 2014 at the latest. The photos can be max. 800*600 pixels and do not have to be larger than 72 dpi. If you want to mention your name in the photo, you can, but please modestly at the bottom left or right. The better your photo will come out.

Who is your 'starfish'?
Who is your starfish of 2014? Your buddy, your partner, someone who is committed to the underwater world? An acquaintance or someone you don't know personally but who you admire? Someone from the Netherlands, Belgium or far beyond? It could be anyone as long as the link is diving or the underwater world.

You can put him or her in the spotlight. Tell in 150 words or less why that person is your starfish. And also send a photo of your starfish to All 'starfish' and the accompanying story will be published on DuikeninBeeld in December 2014.

Worth a Christmas present!
Your starfish is worth a Christmas present. A voucher for a quality print of a photo of your choice will be raffled among the entrants of a starfish photo and the starfish 2014 in each category. The large print (maximum 60*90 cm, so quite large!) is made in the PixelPrint photo lab.

What are you waiting for!?! You can submit until December 29, 2014.

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