INON Z-330: The strobe the world has been waiting for!


Finally! 11 years after the introduction of the Z-240 flash, INON has released a new professional flash: the INON Z-330. Improved and new features, such as more power and a wider spreading angle. The size of the flash has remained the same. Nice and compact, as we were used to from INON. It is about half the size with flashes from other brands. That makes every underwater photographer happy!

The characteristics
The INON Z-330 works with any camera and can be connected both optically and electrically. The flash has large buttons on the back for easy and comfortable operation and is equipped with an accurate S-TTL system.
INON's flashes all have the same color temperature. The Z-330 flash can therefore simply be used as a second flash next to, for example, a Z-240 or a D-2000. The optical cables, o-ring grease and o-ring have also remained the same.

More powerful (guide number 33 instead of 24)
Greater angle (110 degrees instead of 100 degrees
More powerful focus LED (220 lumens instead of 180)
The LED is more centrally focused
Larger buttons for easier operation
Rotatable light shape ring to prevent backscatter / floating debris
Labels around the buttons are clearer

Introduction to Duikvaker
Curious? mr. Takuya Torii of INON Japan will be in the booth of during the Duikvaker on February 3 and 4 Onderwaterhuis.NL to demonstrate the flash and tell all about it. Visit Onderwaterhuis.NL at booth 146, directly at the entrance of hall 1 in the Expo in Houten.

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