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Duikvaker: The Dutch Dive Show

IDD: Instructor Dive Development®

Instructor Dive Development (IDD) is a professional diving organization operating all over the world. The IDD Divemasters, Assistant Instructors and Instructors meet the highest requirements a diving organization can set itself. The IDD diving courses are conducted according to internationally recognized guidelines and procedures for safe diving. The goal of the IDD is to provide high quality (diving) training at every level with extra emphasis on the safety aspect. The IDD training system is based on a modular training system. 

ImageThis system takes students to a higher level of diving skills in several stages, both in theory and in the pool and open water. With the modular system, each lesson is an exam in itself. In order to be able to guarantee the quality of the (diving) training, the IDD Divemasters, Assistant Instructors and Instructors are continuously observed and guided in the points of instruction, presentation and professionalism.

In your own language and pace

Thanks to the new IDD e-Learning system you can start your diving training anytime, anywhere. You follow the theory at your own pace, after which you start your practice at an IDD diving school or instructor.

The IDD system for diving training is based on a step-by-step structure where you as a student are always central.                                                            

You will receive the knowledge about the training step by step in several phases. IDD Professionals may allow you to begin the underwater world and your diving adventures.

Discover diving 

ImageThe Discover The Diving World program is not a certification course. The program is the perfect introduction to take a look at the underwater world.

It is designed for persons who have never really dived before. During this program you can explore the underwater world in a fun way. The information in this book is intended as an introduction. Diving is only allowed under the supervision of an IDD professional. Start your underwater adventure today!

Protection of the sea

ImageIDD is also uniquely positioned to play a role in the global approach to a sustainable future. The underwater life including the coral reefs are very important to us. Like the trees that are unthinkable to us and form forests. A forest is not only made up of trees and a coral reef is made up of more than one coral. There is a lot of life on the coral reef and an ideal place to live or shelter. For many underwater animals it is a place to forage for food. If we want to preserve this, we must pay more attention to the preservation of the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. In today's world the terms such as conservation ecology, recycling are a fact.

The global view of life for protection must be turned into a real agreement on the conservation and appreciation of the global ecosystem of our oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. It is therefore up to us and the Dive-Resorts, diving schools, associations and all IDD executives to ensure that the divers we take into the water are trained in such a way that they:

  • being safe divers,
  • provide good buoyancy under water,
  • have respect for their environment,
  • help keep underwater life clean.

In short, every reason to visit IDD on Duikvaker: The Dutch Dive Show in Houten.                                        

We will be there with a leading stand. Come and get to know the organization itself or get information from one of the executives at the stand about the various courses or how to get an IDD yourself. can become an instructor.header and April

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