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Duikvaker is the diving fair for all enthusiasts of the underwater world.

Expo Houten, Netherlands

About Duikvaker

Where and when does Duikvaker take place?

Duikvaker will be held on February 1 and 2, 2025. The event will take place in Expo Houten, where more than 150 stands and 4 presentation rooms have been set up to offer visitors an unforgettable diving experience.

Diving fair Duikvaker
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What is Duikvaker?

Duikvaker is the fair for everyone interested in the underwater world, diving, and snorkeling. It is an annual event where visitors can find everything related to diving. From the latest diving equipment to exotic diving destinations, and from inspiring presentations to workshops – you can find it all at the diving fair.

Why visit Duikvaker?

Inspiring presentations and workshops

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During Duikvaker, there are numerous presentations and workshops to attend. These are given by professionals from the diving industry, such as experienced divers, underwater photographers, marine biologists, and travel organizations. You can be inspired by the beautiful stories and images of diving adventures and destinations from all over the world. In addition, there are workshops where you can learn new skills, such as underwater photography.

Latest diving equipment

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At Duikvaker, you can always find the latest diving equipment and technologies. Well-known brands present their newest products and innovations, so as a visitor, you are the first to be informed about the latest developments. This is the place to upgrade your diving gear, admire the latest underwater cameras, or learn more about technical diving and the associated materials.

Meet other diving enthusiasts

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Duikvaker is also an excellent opportunity to meet other diving enthusiasts. You can exchange experiences, make new diving friends, and even plan future diving trips. In addition, you can join diving clubs and associations to further expand your network and enrich your diving experience.

Diving destinations and travel information

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Exotic dive sites

Are you looking for your next diving adventure? At Duikvaker, numerous exotic diving destinations are represented. Travel organizations and dive resorts from around the world showcase their most beautiful diving locations, such as the colorful reefs of the Maldives, liveaboards in Egypt, or the fascinating underwater world of Indonesia. Get inspired and book your next diving holiday on the spot!

Local dive sites

Not only tropical diving destinations can be found at Duikvaker; local dive sites in the Netherlands and Belgium also receive plenty of attention. Discover the best dive spots in the Oosterschelde, Grevelingen, or freshwater lakes in the Netherlands. You might discover a new favorite diving location close to home!

Diving trips and holidays

At Duikvaker, you can also plan and book your next diving trip or vacation. Travel organizations and dive resorts offer special deals and discounts during the fair. Whether you're looking for a relaxing diving holiday on a tropical island or an adventurous liveaboard in a distant destination, you'll find it all at Duikvaker.

Underwater photography on Duikvaker

Workshops and presentations on underwater photography

Duikvaker is an excellent place to learn more about underwater photography. During the event, there are various workshops and presentations by renowned underwater photographers and experts. They share their knowledge, tips, and tricks for taking the perfect underwater photo. From choosing the right camera and equipment to mastering lighting and composition, you can elevate your underwater photography skills to the next level.

Latest equipment for underwater photography

At Duikvaker, you can also find the newest underwater cameras, housings, lenses, flashes, and other accessories. You can try out the latest models and get expert advice from the professionals on hand. They can help you find the right equipment that suits your level of experience and desires in the field of underwater photography.

Meet other underwater photographers

In addition to gaining knowledge and viewing the latest equipment, Duikvaker also offers the opportunity to meet other underwater photographers. You can exchange experiences, gain inspiration, and collaborate with like-minded photographers. Who knows, you might just make new friends with whom to embark on photogenic diving adventures together!

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Frequently asked questions about Duikvaker

At Duikvaker, our visitors and exhibitors can park for free. There are over 2,000 parking spaces available. Most of them are right in front of the entrance, but all of them are within a short walking distance from the exhibition building.

Youth up to and including 16 years of age do not pay an entrance fee to visit the fair. So the youth don't have to either admission ticket to order.

Duikvaker is a busy fair with crowded aisles. We do not recommend bringing dogs to the exhibition.

Most exhibitors have a card payment terminal at their booth. There are no ATMs available inside the exhibition building.

Duikvaker is organized by The Exhibition Company. More information about The Exhibition Company can be found on our website.

Opening hours

Saturday 1-2-2025 10 am - 6 pm

Sunday 2-2-2025 10 am - 5 pm


Expo Houten

Meidoornkade 24


The Netherlands

Duikvaker is organized by The Exhibition Company •
IBAN: NL77 RABO 0341 4557 41 • Chamber of Commerce: Utrecht 30122269 • VAT: 803128046B01