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GoBe by Light & Motion

Smart! - Unique! – Decent! - Beautiful! - Useful! - User friendly!
That is in 6 words what you can say about GoBe, the new light line from Light & Motion.

These lamps are a wonderful addition to the existing professional line of Light & Motion. Unique in quality, well thought out in design, extremely friendly to use and of course with a high light output!

Keep dry and charge:
It already starts with charging the battery, the lamp remains closed. The lamp is charged from outside. This can be done using the supplied USB charger, which you can also plug into a 220/110V adapter. In fact, most car radios also have USB so you can charge the lamp in the car, at home and while traveling. That's clever!

Real Lumen:
The GoBe is available in a 500 and a 700 lumen version. The light output of this lamp is therefore really 500 or 700 lumens guaranteed for the entire burning time of the lamp. Even if the LED gets hot or the battery voltage drops!
That makes the GoBe unique in its kind, because almost most existing lamps “claim” to have high lumens. In the Light & Motion test laboratory, each and every one of them falls through the cracks. When used, the power of the lamp quickly collapses and the promised light output is by no means achieved. At Light & Motion you get what you are promised and for the entire burning time! And that is really unique!

The GoBe family:
The GoBe is available in a black version with a 3.0 Ah battery and a white version with a 2.2 Ah battery. The user can then choose from one of the 6 different heads. The heads of the GoBe are interchangeable.
The GoBe (3.0Ah) 700 comes standard with a 60 degree WIDE or a 20 degree SPOT head. The GoBe (2.2 Ah) 500 comes standard with a 20 degree SPOT head.
The choice is further up to the user. For the specialist there is a narrow Spot de SEARCH with an angle of only 8 degrees. A red-burning FOCUS for the photographer. For the expert or just for fun, the NIGHTSEA black light version.
It doesn't matter which GoBe you start with, you can always switch heads. That's user-friendly!

The use:
The GoBe is switchable in 5 modes: 100%, 50%, 25%, SOS and extended. This provides a burn time of at least 90-130 minutes at full power and up to 36 hours in extended mode on a single charged battery.
During diving, an LED near the integrated on/off button indicates the battery voltage by means of the color. This goes from green, past orange to red. This way you will never be faced with surprises that your lamp suddenly stops working. That's a smart look!

Light and Motion is at the Duikvaker diving fair in Hall 1 booth 180. Come by and get to know the most special diving lamp of 2014!

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