Photo and videography


Waterproof smartphone cases

Divevolk has specialized in waterproof smartphone cases since 2016 and is starting to make a name for itself internationally. Always striving for perfection and performance, the brand never ceases to meet the needs of users by creating housings adapted to the latest generation of phones. The latest version of SeaTouch is the amazing «…

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Dory onderwater drone

Dory, the little underwater drone

Dory, the cute name fits perfectly with this small underwater drone from manufacturer Chasing. Smaller than an A4 paper and easy to transport in a backpack. With Full HD video, a bright lens and two 250 lumen lamps. Can be submerged up to 15 meters deep. You can easily control this drone with your smartphone…

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GLADIUS Onderwater Drone

the GLADIUS Underwater Drone

NEW and at at the booth during the Duikvaker 2019…..the GLADIUS Onderwater Drone! How cool is that…..take 4K video and 12 megapixel photos to a depth of 100 meters and stay dry yourself! Perfect for underwater inspections and observation. Small and easy to carry. And the controls Easy…just with your mobile phone or tablet!…

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