What is Duikvaker?

Duikvaker is the event for diving enthusiasts in the Netherlands and Belgium. This annual fair brings together divers, snorkelers and enthusiasts of the underwater world to share their passion and discover the latest products and trends in diving. Duikvaker is the place where you will find everything you need for your next diving adventure!

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Where and when does Duikvaker take place?

Duikvaker is organized on February 3 and 4, 2024 and takes place in Expo Houten. Keep an eye on the official website of the best diving fair for the most up-to-date information.

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Ticket prices and sales

Tickets for the fair can be purchased online via this website. Children under 12 have free admission when accompanied by a paying adult.

Highlights of Duikvaker

Duikvaker offers a wide range of activities, presentations and exhibitors to choose from. Here are some highlights you can expect from the event:

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Diving equipment and accessories

At the fair you will find the latest diving equipment and accessories from leading brands. Whether you are looking for a new diving suit, a regulator, a dive computer or other diving supplies, you will find it all here.

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Training and courses

Duikvaker is an excellent place to get information about the different diving training and courses available. You can sign up for a diving course, learn more about specialty courses, or simply seek advice from experienced divers and instructors.

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Diving trips and destinations

The fair also offers a wide range of diving trips and destinations. Discover new diving locations and plan your next diving holiday with the help of the expertise of travel companies and diving resorts. Visit the website of Diving World, Diving Holidays or Dive and travel to get in the mood.

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Lectures and workshops

Duikvaker organizes a large number of lectures and workshops where you can gain knowledge about various diving-related topics. These sessions are led by experts and professionals from the diving world and cover a variety of topics such as diving safety, underwater photography and the conservation of the underwater environment.

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Photography and videography

For lovers of underwater photography and videography, Duikvaker is a true paradise. You will find the latest cameras, lenses, underwater housings and accessories. There are also workshops and presentations on how to take the best underwater photos and videos.

Why you shouldn't miss Duikvaker?

Duikvaker is an event that you don't want to miss as a diving enthusiast, and here are some reasons why:

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Networking with other divers

The diving fair is a perfect opportunity to meet other divers, exchange experiences and make new diving friends. You can join diving clubs, participate in diving trips and enjoy the beautiful underwater world together with other enthusiastic divers.

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Meet professionals and experts

At the fair you will have the opportunity to meet professionals and experts from the diving industry. Ask your questions, learn from their experiences and get inspiration for your own diving adventures.

Tips for a successful Dive Vaker

To get the most out of your visit to Duikvaker, here are some tips:


Participate in exclusive events

Duikvaker offers exclusive events such as workshops, lectures and demonstrations that you can participate in as a visitor. These events are not only informative, but also fun and interactive.

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Plan your visit in advance

Duikvaker's program is often very extensive, so it is wise to check in advance which presentations, workshops and exhibitors you want to visit. Make a plan and make sure you have enough time to see everything that interests you.


  1. Is Duikvaker suitable for beginners? Yes, the fair is suitable for both beginners and experienced divers. The event offers information and activities of interest to anyone interested in diving and the underwater world.

  2. Can I buy diving equipment on site? Yes, there are several exhibitors at the fair selling diving equipment and accessories. You can view and purchase the latest products there.

  3. Is there parking available at Expo Houten? Yes, there is ample parking at Expo Houten. Please note that on busy days it may take a little longer to find a parking space.

  4. Can I get my diving license during the fair? Although you cannot immediately get your diving license during the fair, the event does offer the opportunity to register for diving courses and learn more about obtaining your diving license.

  5. Are there food and drink options at Duikvaker? Yes, there are several food and beverage outlets at the fair where you can enjoy a snack and a drink.