Diving with Ostracods, a feeling that you are underwater in a starry sky

Breathtaking sunset over the ocean in the island of Bonaire, Caribbean

Paradise in the Caribbean Sea, Bonaire is a diving destination known for its crystal clear waters, colorful coral reefs and abundance of marine life. But what Bonaire really unique is the opportunity to dive with ostracods. Ostracods are also known as "seed shrimps" or mussel shrimps. These small crustaceans, no bigger than a pin's head, provide an enchanting light spectacle in the waters around Bonaire. This gives you the feeling that you are in a starry sky underwater.

What are Ostracods?

Ostracods are bioluminescent crustaceans that create a fascinating light show, especially several days after each full moon. Their glow is the result of a chemical reaction in their bodies, which they use to attract mates and deter predators. There are diving centers in Bonaire such as Wanna dive, Dive Friends Bonaire and VIP Diving, which offer guided night dives with ostracods. These are carefully planned to achieve the optimal viewing conditions.

When can you dive with ostracods?

Ostracods are best observed three to eight days after full moon, with the fifth day being the best day. The ostracods' magical mating show begins about 45 minutes after sunset and usually lasts 20 to 30 minutes. The recommended depth to see the spectacle is between 6 and 12 meters. It is important that you choose a dive site away from city lights.

Diving with Ostracods is done in the dark

It is wise to have recent night diving experience before participating in an ostracod dive. During the night dive with ostracods, each diver must carry a dive light for safe entry and exit. It is best to use your dive light as little as possible. Swing it over the reef and then let it rest for a while so you can see the vertical dots on the reef light up.

You want to see this again

Observing the bright lights of the ostracods is an enchanting experience, like floating through space surrounded by shining stars. After experiencing the magic of ostracods, visitors may be inspired to plan their next vacations to Bonaire around the full moon. Diving with ostracods in Bonaire is a unique experience you don't want to miss. This is one of the ways to experience the wonders of the ocean in a special way.

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