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Dive into the future at Duikvaker 2018!

Diver Summerlabb

At Duikvaker 2018 you take a dive into the future. On February 3 and 4, 2018, look ahead to what diving and the underwater world will bring you – the coming season and in the future.

During the 26th edition we look forward together with you - of course to the next diving vacation, the latest dive computer and your next diving training, but also to a future in which the ocean will still be colorful and full of life. At least if we all go for it now. How? You can see that in the pavilion of SummerLabb.

Ecosystem change

Patrick van Brienen, organizer of the diving event, wonders aloud: «Will there still be a diving world in 10 years' time where you can enjoy colorful fish and beautiful coral? The influences of climate change are also clearly noticeable underwater, and the ecosystem is changing perhaps faster than we realize.”

Duikvaker has therefore entered into a partnership with SummerLabb, Jan Douwe Kroeske's itinerant City of the Future. Together they build a bridge between the diving world and innovators. Large and small companies, universities and organizations are looking for innovative, out-of-the-box solutions to keep the underwater world healthy – from local pools via the North Sea to distant oceans.

At Duikvaker 2018 you get a sneak preview of what the future will bring. Get acquainted with innovative developments that aim to create a colorful future full of life.

New diving materials, surprising diving trips and information about your diving training

More than 100 exhibitors from their own country and all over the world will be present at Duikvaker 2018 and present their products for recreational and technical divers and snorkelers. They will introduce you to the diving materials for the coming season that will make diving even more fun and safer. Travel companies and diving centers will give you a taste of imaginative destinations with cold and warm water, and diving schools will update you on the latest developments and perhaps your next step in your diving education.

All information about Diving and Snorkeling

More than 80 speakers, together with the exhibitors, guarantee a spectacular weekend. There is something for every diver and snorkeler – from presentations and workshops, from film screenings to photo exhibitions, from themed tables to nature experiences.

Van Brienen: «Everything for diving can be found spread over three halls at Duikvaker. Also in 2018 the start of your diving season and I also hope for a future with a healthy underwater world.”

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