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Dory, the little underwater drone

Dory underwater drone

Dory, the cute name fits perfectly with this small underwater drone from manufacturer Chasing. Smaller than an A4 paper and easy to transport in a backpack. With Full HD video, a bright lens and two 250 lumen lamps. Can be submerged up to 15 meters deep. You can easily control this drone with your smartphone or tablet.

Wifi buoy in connection with your smartphone or tablet

To control the Dory, you use your own smartphone or tablet with a special app. This connects you to a buoy. The underwater drone is connected to the floating buoy with a 15 meter long cable. You can then use the app to let the drone dive to a maximum of 15 meters. You can tilt the drone 45 degrees under water, so that you can film towards the water surface and also let the sun come back nicely in your images. Tilt the drone 45% down if you want to image the bottom. Do you want to fly the drone at a fixed depth? You can also set that in the app. The operation is very simple. It is recommended to use the Dory in calm water. Plug, splash and play!


The Dory has two built-in lamps of 250 lumens each to illuminate your images. The color temperature is 4500-5000k. You can shoot video in FHD (1920×1080 30fps MP4). But of course you can also take pictures with this drone (resolution 2MP, 1920×1080 JPG). Do you want to give the images some effects? This is possible with one of the 19 image filters and a simple video editing option via the app.  

More specifications:
– Lens: f/1.6
– Sensor: CMOS 1/2.9″
– ISO range: 100-3200
– Angle of view: 100°
– storage capacity of 16 GB
– Drone size: 247 x 188 x 92mm

The drone's runtime is approximately 1 hour. After that, the 4800mAh battery will have to be charged again with the supplied separate charger. Only the drone itself needs to be charged.  

That's how small the Dory underwater drone is

That's how small the Dory underwater drone is!


The buoy is also small: 130 x 130 x 88 mm and weighs 160 grams. The maximum WiFi range is 15 meters. If desired, a safety cord can be attached to the buoy. (Such a cord is included with the optional) backpack.

Serving together

You can get started with this drone together. You can split the control. One person is then in control of the drone, while the other person is in control of the camera. Of course, that works ideal for more professional images. Are you just going to work with the Dory for fun? Extra fun for two with this Device Co-play function from Dory.

social media 

The images are then very easy to share on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. Even live streaming of your underwater adventures with the Dory is possible! 

Backpack (optional)

The Dory drone and all accessories fit perfectly in the matching backpack. The drone weighs only 1.1 kg. With the backpack you will also receive a safety cord as an extra accessory. This allows you to attach the Wifi buoy to your wrist. In the backpack you will also find a towel, so that the drone can be stored neatly dry in the backpack.

Dory in action

Curious about the Dory? In the videos below you can see the Dory in action. 

Underwater drone Dory in action
Dory with diver

Further and deeper?

Is 15 meters deep and far not enough? Dory's big brother is called the Gladius MINI 4K Underwater Drone. It can go up to 100 meters deep and far. This drone is connected by a cable to the base station on the shore. The base station provides the connection to the controller and your smartphone. This drone also offers 4k video and more powerful lamps (each 1200 lumens) that are continuously dimmable. The flight time of that drone is 2 hours. The Gladius MINI offers extras in various areas. 

You can get more information about the underwater drone at underwaterhouse.nl

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