Provisional list of participants for Duikvaker 2024

Hall Stand Company Name Category
22e21AB Divediving holidayLogo image
22f12Abu Dabbabdiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
22b18Amilco Sportsdiving equipmentAmilco
22f12Amun Inidiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
22c26Anchor dive lightsdiving equipmentAnchor Dive Lights
22b4ApoxDiving medicalAPOX
22d5Aquanautic Elbadiving holidayAquanatic Elba
22f12Atlantis Divediving holidayUnnamed
22b18Atomicdiving equipmentAtomic
22b16Bahia Diving & Apartmentsdiving holidayLogo Exhibitor Duikvaker Low
22b16Bali Villa Dive Resortdiving holidayLogo Exhibitor Duikvaker Low
22b18Barediving equipmentLogo Duikvaker Low
22f12Bastianosdiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
22b10Big Blue liveaboard – Egyptdiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Filling generatively
22d26BigBlue Dive Lights – CDSdiving equipmentLogo img
22b3Blue Ocean Dive Centers & Resortsdiving holidayLogo Egypt exhibitor s logo
22f12Blue Ocean SAdiving holidayUnnamed
22d4BUCEO CAREYdiving holidayLogo image
22f12Buddy Divediving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
11e10Camarodiving equipmentLogo Duikvaker Low
22C16Canary Islandsdiving holidayPromotion Canary Island
22d42Captain Don's Habitatdiving holidayLogo image
22d40Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort Bonairediving holidayLogo image
22f12Circle Diversdiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
22b14Coral eyesdiving holidayCoralEye
22c26Cressidiving equipmentCressi
22C38Curacao Tourist Officediving holidayDiver Curacao
22C38CURious 2 DIVEdiving holidayCuriousdive
22a6Dan EuropeeducationsLogo image
22f12Daniela Hoteldiving holidayf
11b2Defense Dive GroupServicesLogo Duikvaker Filling generatively
22a14Desa Pulau Bangka, Lihunu, Bangka Island, North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi, Indonesiadiving holidayDiver Manta Rhei Dive Center Komodo – Indonesia
11b4Discovery Divers ReeuwijkDive shop - Diving schoolLogo Exhibitor Duikvaker Unknown
11b4Discovery Divers VeenendaalDive shop - Diving schoolLogo Exhibitor Duikvaker logoDDV
22b10Dive and Traveldiving holidayDive and Travel
11b4Dive Base Academy Hurghada Egyptdiving holidayLogo Exhibitor Duikvaker blue logo
22C38Dive Center Pietermaaidiving holidayPietermaai
22c6DIVE DAMAI Indonesian liveaboardsdiving holidayLogo image
22C38Dive Division Curacaodiving holidayDive division
22d34Dive Friends Bonairediving holidayLogo DiveFriendsBonaire Circle logo standard blue rgb
22f12Dive into Raja & Lembehdiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
22d44Dive stickerdiving equipmentD
22b20Dive Valleydiving equipmentFourth Element
11b4Dive-InC SassenheimDive shop - Diving schoolLogo Exhibitor Duikvaker Screenshot to
11c4Dive Tribediving holidayscuba icon
22f12Divepoint Maldivesdiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
22e10DivestampsDive shop - Diving schoolLogo Duikvaker Low
22a14DiveStop – Cyprusdiving holidayDuikvaker Dive Stop
22a14Diving Holidaysdiving holidayLogo LOGO DH RGB
22f12Diving World Netherlandsdiving holidayDiving World
22A2DUI Drysuitsdiving equipmentLogo image
22c24De AalscholverseducationsDiving Cormorants
22b22DUIKENMediaLogo Duikvaker Low
22f12Emperor Diversdiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
22c4Euro Divers Lanzarotediving holidayc
11c4EWDRdiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
22f12Explorer Venturesdiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
22d16Extra Divers Worldwidediving holidayLogo image
22d18Ferro Compressed Air Specialistsdiving equipmentLogo Duikvaker Low
22d30Finclip srldiving equipmentLogo logo
22b20Fourth Elementdiving equipmentFourth Element
22e16FPA Sports Bonairediving holidayLogo Logo without those nasty things
22d6GALAPAGOS GALAXY DIVERdiving holidayLogo image
22d7Garmin Netherlandsdiving equipmentLogo image
2Golden Rock Resortdiving holidayGoldenRock
22e12Grand Windsockdiving holidayLogo image
22f12haliotisdiving holidayf
22a8Hollisdiving equipmentLogo image
22b16HOTEL & DIVING LES ILLESdiving holidayLogo Exhibitor Duikvaker Low
22e4House of Health BrandsServicesLogo Egypt exhibitor s Low
22c2House of Health BrandsServicesLogo Egypt exhibitor s Low
22d24IAHD/WOSDeducationsLogo logo wosd index fe
11d6IANTD.EUeducationsLogo image
22a14InMo Divers Home – Dahab – Egyptdiving holidayDiver InMo Divers Home – Dahab – Egypt
22f12Karang Diversdiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
11C2Light & Dark DivingeducationsLogo Duikvaker Low
11e10Light & Motiondiving equipmentLogo Duikvaker Low
11b4Lucky Divers RotterdamDive shop - Diving schoolLogo Exhibitor Duikvaker Low
22c5Lumbalumba Resort – Manadodiving holidayLumbar logo logo
22e10M&M Diving TechnologyLogo Duikvaker Low
22d22M/Y Seaduction Red Sea Liveaboarddiving holidayLogo image
22b10Magic Island Dive Resort – Moalboal – Philippinesdiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
22b10Magic Oceans Dive resort – Bohol – Philippinesdiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
22c10Malta Tourism Authoritydiving holidayLogo image
22f12Mangamar Cabo del Palosdiving holidayf
22b16maresdiving equipmentmares
11b14Marine Expedition Services bvbaUnderwater photography and filmLogo cropped logo ComingSoon
22c36Master Liveaboardsdiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
22c8Merapi Tour & Traveldiving holidayLogo Merapi small
22b18Metalsubdiving equipmentLogo Duikvaker Low
22b10Murex Bangka Island resort – North Sulawesi – Indonesiadiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
22b10Murex Dive Resorts – Manado North Sulawesi – Indonesiadiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
22C30MV Legends II / Scuba Seekersdiving holidayMVLegends on Duikvaker
11e6Natuurplein Dive North Sea CleanFlora and faunaLogo Duikvaker Low
22d8NAUI NetherlandseducationsLogo logo ffdbadebc x
22B5Nautical Dive Academydiving holidayb
22B12Nayara liveaboarddiving holidayb
11d8Dutch Underwater Sports AssociationeducationsNOB
22b10Nemo Dive Club – Safaga – Egyptdiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
22e20Oasis GuestHouse Bonairediving holidayLogo OASIS LOGO
22b18Oceanadiving equipmentLogo Duikvaker Low
22C38Ocean Encountersdiving equipmentOceanEncounters
11b8Ocean Reefdiving equipmentLogo image
22b18Oceanicdiving equipmentLogo Duikvaker Low
22b3Office du tourisme Egyptiendiving holidayLogo Low
11b12Onderwaterhuis.nlUnderwater photography and filmLogo image
22f12Orca Dive Clubdiving holidayUnnamed
22a16Pharaoh Dive Clubdiving holidayLogo image
22C38Porto Marie Sportsdiving holidayPortoMarie
11a4Proceandiving equipmentDiver Procean
22f12Prodive Mexicodiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
22b3Red Sea Diving Safarisdiving holidayLogo Egypt exhibitor s logo
22a14Ritual Dive – Malta-Gozodiving holidayDiver Ritual Dive – Malta Gozo
22b10Roots Red Sea & Pharaoh Dive Clubdiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
22e8Santidiving equipmentLogo image
22f12Saronde Island Resortdiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
11c10Scuba AcademieDive shop - Diving schoolLogo logo
22A2Scuba Adventures Europediving equipmentLogo Duikvaker Low
22c32Scuba ConnectionDive shop - Diving schoolScuba Connection
22c34Scuba Do Bonaire & Curacaodiving holidayLogo image
22e14Scuba Elite Bonairediving holidayLogo image
22f12Scuba World Diversdiving holidayUnnamed
22C38Scubacaodiving holidayScubacao
11c6scubaprodiving equipmentscubapro
22a17Scubaqua Dive Center
11C2SDI/TDIeducationsLogo Duikvaker Low
11e10Sea & Seadiving equipmentLogo Duikvaker Low
22b28Sea firstFlora and fauna
22f12Sea Serpent Fleetdiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
22e2Sea ShepherdFlora and faunaLogo image
11e10sea lifediving equipmentLogo Duikvaker Low
11e10Sealife Benelux BVdiving equipmentLogo Duikvaker Low
22a14Seaquest Dive Center – Philippinesdiving holidayDiver Sequest
22b8Shamar Guesthouse & Divediving holidayLogo image
22b3SHAMS DIVING CENTERSdiving holidayLogo Egypt exhibitor s Screenshot at
22e22Silver Reef Dive Resortdiving holidayLogo image
22c28St. Eustatiusdiving holidayLogo Duikvaker Low
22b18Stahlsacdiving equipmentLogo Duikvaker Low
22d2StimonFlora and faunaLogo logo
11b4Sub Ocean bv. Oud VossemeerDive shop - Diving schoolSubocean PADI Diver
11c8SublubDive shop - Diving schoolLogo image
22d21Sun Siyam Divingdiving holidayLogo image
22b18suuntodiving equipmentsuunto

Opening hours

Saturday 1-2-2025 10 am - 6 pm

Sunday 2-2-2025 10 am - 5 pm


Expo Houten

Meidoornkade 24


The Netherlands

Duikvaker is organized by The Exhibition Company •
IBAN: NL77 RABO 0341 4557 41 • Chamber of Commerce: Utrecht 30122269 • VAT: 803128046B01