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The new DiveSSI app



The new DiveSSI app is the “All-in-One-Tool” for all your diving adventures. The DiveSSI app and all the current features you love to use will remain FREE – certifications, checklists, hand signals and much more. The only difference is that from now on you have the option to purchase and use training materials and a digital DiveLog in the app.

The technology of this new DiveSSI app is responsive and adapts to any device on all platforms – computer, tablet or mobile device, IOS or Android. The new DiveSSI App is REALDIVING, a comprehensive and interactive learning experience with beautiful videos, illustrations, animations, graphics and photos.

SSI makes the most of the technology so you can learn anytime, anywhere – online and off. Knowledge questions are an example of this technology. The multiple choice questions are no longer static, but are randomly loaded from a database of questions so that you learn all the better. A bookmark function is also integrated into the teaching material and you can take notes.

The new Digital Divelog is very cool. You can enter your GPS position, add a photo of the dive site and your buddy and have your buddy digitally sign off the dive in the app, even if you don't have an internet connection.

The new DiveSSI app is everything you need, whenever, wherever, in over 30 languages – it's #REALDIVING.

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Anchor Dive Lights at Duikvaker 2020

November 4, 2019

This year Anchor Dive Lights (Ireland) will again participate in Duikvaker. Representing this year by Marjolein van Laere and Frans de Pater of Anchor Diving BV Anchor Dive Lights designs high-quality, modular dive lights in refreshing colors for the amateur and professional diver. In addition to the extensive range of diving, photo and video lamps, there is also…

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Workshop: vlogging on Duikvaker

January 12, 2018

A whole day dedicated to vlogging on Duikvaker with useful tips, assistance with editing and presentation. Are you in? On Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 February, DuikeninBeeld and Duikvaker invite divers to come vlogging. A one day workshop at the best diving event of the year! Programme: 10:00…

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Duikspotter.nl – The source of inspiration for your next dive!

January 12, 2018

Divespotter is the new platform that the NOB launched last December. It's the place to find inspiration for your next dive, including hundreds of articles from Onderwatersport Magazine. Divespotter focuses on twelve themes: think of underwater biology and wreck diving, but also equipment, technical diving and foreign diving travel destinations.…

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Malta: a wide variety of flora and fauna

January 12, 2018

Malta, a diving destination suitable for all types of divers who love adventure! Diving around Malta and Gozo is nothing short of fantastic as visibility is very good (sometimes up to 40m!) and there are spectacular drop-offs. It is a good destination for underwater photography and lovers of cave and wreck diving can also…

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coral reef

Underwater world is central to Duikvaker

December 12, 2017

During Duikvaker on 3 and 4 February 2018, there will be plenty of attention for the underwater world. After all, it is indispensable for every diver! You can dive wherever there is water! But as divers we prefer to put our heads under water in a place where it is beautiful, where there is life and where there is something to experience…

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