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The 5 Most Popular Expansions for the Olympus Tough

TG WeeFine WFL and INONTough Ron Offermans

Do you have an Olympus Tough to take pictures underwater with? Then you are certainly not the only one! The camera is extremely popular for underwater photography. Nice and compact, great macro mode and waterproof in itself. The Olympus Tough has so much to offer! Onderwaterhuis.NL lists the 5 most popular expansions for you.

1. A wide-angle lens on the underwater housing

With an extra wide-angle lens on the outside of your underwater housing, you can get more in the photo. With a Weefine WFL02 wide-angle lens on your Tough underwater housing, you can easily take an overview photo of a wreck or reef. The angle of view is 150 degrees (that's extremely large!). The Weefine WFL02 offers the best wide angle extension for the Olympus Tough TG-6/TG-5/TG-4 and TG-3 cameras in the Olympus PT-058 / PT-056 underwater housings. Just like these Olympus underwater housings, the lens has a screw thread of 52 mm. With this you can screw it onto the port of your underwater housing underwater and remove it again. That opens up a lot of possibilities under water!

A cheaper alternative is the AOI UAL-05 wide-angle lens. This can also be placed directly on the underwater housing, but has a smaller angle.

2. Better view of the screen while taking the photo or video

That's handy! With a 90-degree angle viewfinder on the back of your underwater housing, you can see your screen better underwater. Lying down in the sand and making dust is no longer necessary with a 90 degree angle finder. You will now see the screen at an angle of 90 degrees (from above). So nice for the muscles in your neck too!

The AOI UMG-05 90 degree viewfinder angle finder works even more pleasantly. This accessory also ensures that you can look at your screen from above. Due to the real viewfinder (narrowed viewing opening), you eliminate more ambient light. You are no longer bothered by the annoying glare on the LCD screen, so that the screen is still clearly visible even in the brightest conditions. Especially if you are close to the viewfinder with your diving mask, your view is really closed off from the outside world, so that you can focus well on focusing on your subject. 

3. Compact ring light with flash function on the underwater housing

The Olympus Tough is mainly known for its perfect macro capabilities. The camera has a very short focusing distance. Small details or animals can be photographed sharply up close. A special ring light, Weefine Ring light 3000, is available for the Tough underwater housings, which you place on the port of the underwater housing. This way you can perfectly illuminate your Marco subject. Even in difficult places. Wrong aiming is impossible.

4. Better pictures with an external flash on your underwater camera

For really beautifully lit colorful underwater photos you need an external flash. Every avid underwater photographer will confirm this. You prevent floating dirt on your photo and the flash power and exposure angle of an external flash are of course also much larger than those of the internal flash. This also makes it easier to illuminate your (larger) subject. Despite the higher flash power, it is still important to shoot close to the subject. The less water there is between the lens port and the subject, the sharper and more contrasting the photo.

The AOI Q1 flash is currently the best buy flash for compact cameras and smaller system cameras. You can choose to put the Q1 on an arm, but then the whole thing will of course be a bit bigger to take with you. Onderwaterhuis.NL has a very compact solution especially for this: the AOI Q1 flash on top of the coldshoe (attachment point on your underwater housing). That's nice going into the water! the flash is available in black or white. To place the Q1 flash on your underwater housing, you need the starter kit containing a ball mount, a clamp and an optical cable.

5. A video light 

Filmers cannot do without a good video light on their set! Colorful images as a result!

The Weefine Smart Focus 2500 is the successor to the 2300 version. The Smart Focus 2300 was the best-selling lamp in 2021. And that's not surprising! It is an ideal all-round 2500 lumen / 5000K underwater photo video light. With white, red and UV function and an illumination angle of 100°.

More information about the possibilities of the Tough TG-6? Visit the booth of Onderwaterhuis.NL on Duikvaker: The Dutch Dive Show and let yourself be informed or take advantage of one of the many exhibition offers there!And also take a look at the website of Onderwaterhuis.NL.

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