Cassis Divers participant in Duikvaker 2014

We are a small experienced dive team that can offer tremendous flexibility.
Our customers can “Dive à la carte”.
Upon arrival, we are happy to listen to your diving experiences and preferences. Based on this, we propose a special package.

The underwater world of Cassis is very special with corals, multicolored fish, sponge animals, crawfish, nudibranchs and sea urchins. The Mediterranean Sea also guarantees moderate temperatures and clear water. We propose you a varied package.

Do you prefer the mystery of the wrecks? The region around Marseille is known for wreck enthusiasts. The bottom of the Mediterranean Sea has been turned into a museum over the centuries. Most wrecks are more than 20 m deep. But novice divers will also find what they are looking for at less than 18 m. We put together a tailor-made diving agenda.

Between Marseille and Cassis is a rugged area, the Massif des Calanques. High limestone cliffs rise from the azure waters of the Mediterranean and offer special drop off zones. We select a package for you with the most impressive drop off zones.

Do you have a passion for technical diving? Cassis Divers offers both novice technical divers and advanced technical cave divers a varied offer. We offer an answer with technical diving adventures and the desired mix, taking into account the certifications and training that you can provide.

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