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Contributing to the Reef: Coral Conservation with Wannadive

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Dive in Bonaire is a unique experience and Wannadive Bonaire is ready to offer diving enthusiasts an unforgettable diving experience in 2024 and beyond. Wannadive enthusiastically shares the latest developments and plans.


Sustainability comes first at Wannadive

One of the main highlights this year is the full deployment of solar panels at their Grand Windsock Resort location. This move towards sustainability ensures that Wannadive is self-sufficient in their energy needs, a testament to their commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

Wannadive also continues to demonstrate their commitment to the environment through their partnership with the Reef Renewal Foundation. Under Linda's leadership, they have returned thousands of corals to the reef. This important work continues, and Wannadive invites divers to participate in courses and volunteer opportunities to contribute to the conservation of these vital underwater ecosystems.


Enhanced Dive Shop and New Product Lines

Wannadive's dive shop has also been upgraded with new product lines, allowing them to offer an even more complete service to their customers. This includes not only the sale of diving equipment, but also maintenance and equipment rental.

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Innovative 'Dive and Drive' Program

An innovative addition to their services is the 'dive and drive' program. This program combines diving with the convenience of transportation by offering strong pick-up trucks for rental, ideal for shore diving, a popular activity on Bonaire. This 'one shop, one stop' package includes transport, unlimited bottle refills, insurance, weight and belt, and can be booked in combination with any desired accommodation.


Education and Development: PADI IDC Courses

In the past year, Wannadive has also offered two full and successful PADI Instructor Courses (PADI IDC) in partnership with Scuba Connection, and are planning two IDCs for 2024, including a special session in September in conjunction with PADI REC TEC courses. These courses promise to be an exciting and educational experience for diving enthusiasts.

Wannadive's commitment to their customers is further underlined by the several awards they have received, including TripAdvisor's Traveler's Choice Award. This recognition from the travel industry and their customers is a testament to their excellent service and hospitality.

A New Chapter: Leadership Change at Wannadive

In 2024, an exciting change will take place at Wannadive. Bart and his wife pass the baton to two members of the Wannadive team, Alex and Emma, who have been with the company for more than ten years. This transition ensures that Wannadive will continue to maintain its unique identity and commitment to quality diving.


Recognition and Gratitude: Awards and Customer Satisfaction

Finally, Wannadive thanks all their guests and partners for their support and promises to introduce many new programs and ideas in 2024. The Wannadive team is ready to welcome divers to Bonaire and offer them an unforgettable experience. For more information about Wannadive and their services, visit www.wannadive.com.

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