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Are you an early bird? Get free tickets to Dutch Water Dreams!


Onderwaterhuis.NL is giving away 20 tickets for Dutch Water Dreams in Zoetermeer on Duikvaker! The first 5 customers who purchase the popular Olympus TG-3 with Olympus underwater housing on Saturday January 31 and Sunday February 1 will each receive 2 tickets for the whitewater course or indoor surfing at Dutch Water Dreams in Zoetermeer.

Are you the early bird who is one of the first five buyers of an Olympus TG-3 with underwater housing on Duikvaker on Saturday or Sunday? With the first 5 sets that we sell at the fair (both on Saturday and Sunday) we will give away 2 tickets for Dutch Water Dreams per set! The fair starts at 10 am. So from 10 o'clock we start counting! The moment at which you indicate to our seller that you wish to purchase an Olympus TG-3 with underwater housing is decisive.

Olympus TG-3 with Olympus PT-056 underwater housing
The ideal thing about this set is that the camera itself is already waterproof up to 15 meters. With the camera in the underwater housing, the set can be taken to a maximum depth of 45 meters. A camera that is already waterproof by itself simply provides extra security. Divers are always near water. With wet hands on the camera, dripping hair, rain… all no problem for this camera. And is there unexpectedly some water running into your underwater housing? The risk of water damage to the camera is nil! The most important feature for underwater photographers is the Super Macro Zoom (up to 1cm). This makes magnifications up to 14X possible, with which even the smallest snail or Pygmy Seahorse can be photographed filling the screen!!!
Like all Olympus Tough and PEN cameras, TG3 also has special underwater programs so that the novice underwater photographer can easily take beautiful colorful underwater photos without difficult settings.


What is Dutch Water Dreams?
At Dutch Water Dreams you will find the only wild waterway in the Netherlands! You can go rafting or tubing on the more than 300 meter long whitewater course under the professional supervision of instructors. You will be provided with a wetsuit, life jacket and helmet for all activities related to the whitewater course. This way you experience the crazy adventure in a safe and responsible way! You can also surf on one of the three Flowriders at Dutch Water Dreams. A Flowrider generates a constant perfect surf wave on which everyone can learn flowboarding and bodyboarding. The bottom layer of the flowrider is made of soft material, so it doesn't matter if you fall once! The more you do it, the more fun it gets! We are giving away tickets for 1 hour of bodyboarding, flowboarding, rafting or tubing including equipment, instruction and guidance.


Take your Olympus TG-3 with you to your day at Dutch Water Dreams and record all your adventures with your own waterproof camera! Of course we would like to see those photos appear on Facebook!


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