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Apox: 'it's not a job, it's a hobby that gets out of hand'


Peter van der Panne is the founder of the Apox family business in Woerden. 'What we do is not a job, but a hobby that is getting out of hand', says Peter with a laugh. Apox supplies diving medical materials and is the only one in the Netherlands that sells them on this scale. As a board member of a diving team he was looking for an oxygen case in 1996, but there was nothing to be found on the Dutch market.


The diving team had to move to England to buy an oxygen case. In 1997, Peter van der Panne bought an oxygen box and applied for an importership. More than twenty years later, he runs the company together with his wife and director Ineke and his daughter Bonita. 'When I look around me, I can be a little proud', says Peter.


'We are effervescent'

The company does not only offer equipment for the diver these days. They sell medical cases for various purposes' and we are a reliable partner for the shipping industry. There we fill the oxygen bottles they have on board for emergencies.' This is how Peter comes up with new ideas every time. 'We are buzzing every day. If we don't have something for the customer, we look for a solution.'


Peter can't stand to say 'no'. 'So we started to do more and more in-house.' In the Apox building you will not only find a pharmacy section with all the necessary equipment to fill the cases, but also our own CNC-controlled milling machine to cut foam to size for the cases. 'In this way we can shorten the delivery time and tailor everything. The suitcases can be filled in completely according to your wishes.'


Diving cases

Apox medical cases come in all shapes, sizes and for all purposes. For example, there are oxygen cases for the recreational diver. First aid kits and diagnostic kits are also part of the range. 'We have a MAD-B diving case for the medically trained professional diver. These cases are for supervisors who are certified to perform diving medical procedures. For example, consider a fire diver and professional divers.


This year Apox will be at the Duikvaker fair with new products for the diving industry. For example, it offers cases under its own label called 'Apox Medical Cases'. 'We want a new look for visitors. Many divers do not know what we can offer. We are packed with new ideas.'



In addition, they want to create more awareness among divers about oxygen this year. In the Netherlands, Apox is one of the few companies that refills oxygen bottles. This requires special certification and installation. 'Oxygen cylinders are often filled with technical oxygen and that is not safe enough. Due to invisible pollution, it is not suitable for inhalation. We want to point this out to divers for their own safety.'


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