Anchor Dive Lights and Cressi Nederland join forces


Anchor Dive Ligths will be at Duikvaker again this year. However, there is more news. 

As you may know, Anchor Dive Lights set foot in the Netherlands in 2017. Since then, Frans de Pater and Marjolein van Laere have represented Anchor Dive Lights in Europe. They do this from their office in Haarlem. Since the beginning of 2020 they have also been a distributor of Cressi-Sub. By combining these brands, they can offer a complete line of diving equipment.

Unfortunately Cressi-Sub is not on Duikvaker this year. However, for dealers there is a place to view all the beautiful products of Cressi-Sub. Anchor Dive Light and Cressi Nederland have opened a combined showroom in Haarlem. 

In addition to all products for diving, the Cressi SUPs (Hydrosport) and Cressi By The Sea range are also displayed in the showroom.

The showroom can be visited by all (potential) resellers of Cressi-sub and Anchor Dive Lights. Appointments can be made by sending an email to or† Or visit Anchor Dive Lights on Duikvaker: The Dutch Dive Show on April 2 and 3 to speak to Frans and Marjolein in person.

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