Dive the North Sea clean 5 years 8 expeditions


Underwater photographer Udo van Dongen takes you in 30 minutes with beautiful photos
on a journey through the Dutch North Sea. What are the characteristics of the areas? And what is
interesting for divers? What about currents, visibility, depth and marine life?

Udo also explains if and how you can get to these areas. Over the past 5 years, the Dive the North Sea Foundation has carried out 8 expeditions to the different areas in the North Sea: Coastal Zone, Bruine Bank, Klaverbank, Dogger Bank, Borkumse and Texel Stones, Frisian Front and Central Oyster Grounds. During these expeditions many new and rare species were discovered and wrecks were mapped and imaged.

About Udo van Dongen
Udo van Dongen is an underwater photographer and writer of diving travel reports for which he traveled all over the world. Since 2006, his articles have appeared in many diving magazines and other media. Photographing in cold water is one of his greatest passions and since the first Dogger Bank expedition in 2011, a new passion has been added: North Sea wreck diving. A new world opened up to him and since then he has accompanied all subsequent expeditions. His work is distinguished by colorful wide-angle and macro photography with a good sense of composition despite difficult conditions.

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