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Choosing a company to trust your holiday with is a big decision, and while there are certain uncontrollable factors at play, we’ve done all we can to ensure that your trip is one that you will recall with a smile for years to come. All of our trips are personally guided by Robert Marin, an avid environmentalist, photographer, and professional Diving Instructor operating in Tofo.
Mozambique Experience is a company dedicated to the unfiltered exploration of Southern Africa, from the alluring depths of her coastlines to the rugged majesty of her wilderness. We guide our clients through their unforgettable vacation from conception to completion, ensuring that each day of their vacation is filled with the perfect Mozambique Experience.
From the moment you touch African soil to the moment you depart for home, whether spying a leopard in the top of a tree or a leopard shark under the shelf of a reef, Robert will be there providing an unprecedented level of customer service as he shares his passion for nature and his love of Africa!

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SummerLabb op Duikvaker

Door de samenwerking tussen Duikvaker en SummerLabb wordt een brug geslagen tussen de Onderwaterwereld en Innovaties op gebied van Duurzaamheid.

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3 februari 2018 van 10.00 - 18.00 uur

4 februari 2018 van 10.00 - 17.00 uur


Expo Houten
Meidoornkade 24
3992 AE Houten