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IART, the International Association of Rebreather Trainers, was founded
In 1997 after Hubert Stieve and Peter Grosserhode recognised that the growth
of rebreather technology in recreational diving was not without great safety risks
and organizational problems for the established recreational diver training agencies
and clubs. Too great was the difference in required knowledge, ability und discipline.

IART has the aim, through uncompromising teaching standards, to further the use of
Nitrox and to make rebreather diving as safe as possible. Nothing should be left un-questioned. The aims, and the ways to achieve them, must be continually reviewed
and adapted. IART will closely follow the future development of rebreathers
and continue to make recommendations and promptly adapt training
programmes to keep pace with new technology.

International Association of Rebreather Trainers

Chris Ullmann

Doris Ullmann

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SummerLabb op Duikvaker

Door de samenwerking tussen Duikvaker en SummerLabb wordt een brug geslagen tussen de Onderwaterwereld en Innovaties op gebied van Duurzaamheid.

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3 februari 2018 van 10.00 - 18.00 uur

4 februari 2018 van 10.00 - 17.00 uur


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