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Terms and Conditions

Article 1. Organisation
The fair will be organised by The Exhibition Company BV, hereinafter referred to as ‘organiser’.

Article 2. Participation and payment
2.1. Participation in the fair shall be strictly personal and shall under no circumstances be transferred without the prior written consent of the organiser.
2.2. The applicant shall not be able to appeal on the circumstance that his registration was (supposedly) granted to him orally by the organiser, and neither shall any correspondence regarding such a (supposed) granting be admissible as evidence.
2.3. Until the organisation has received the appropriate copy of registration for this fair, signed by the applicant and received at its offices, the applicant shall have no legal right to exhibition space at this fair.
2.4. An invoice will be sent to participate upon receipt of the registration form and after he/she has been accepted by the organiser. The invoice shall be paid within 15 days after the invoice date and at least 30 days before the start of the exhibition. This means that participants are only accepted to the exhibition after full payment of the amount due. We do not accept payment by credit-card or cheque.
In the event of late payment the organisers have the right to allocate the reserved space to another participant, do not accept any liability and will not be able to compensate the late paying participant.
2.5. Prices are exclusive of VAT.
2.6. The applicant declares the acceptance of all consequences resulting from signing the registration form, also if signing was carried out by a non-authorised person.
2.7. Signing the registration form hold the obligation of taking into use the assigned stand, no more than 30 minutes prior to the opening and/or beginning of the fair, and to keep this stand in a proper state until the end of the fair. If at the assigned stand, the day prior to the opening and/or beginning of the fair at 12.00, no start has been made on setting up the stand, the organiser reserves the right to assign this stand to someone else, without paying the original applicant any form of compensation, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the organisation.
2.8. The participants need to be present at the stand during the exhibition opening hours. In case the participant is not present on one of the exhibition days, the organisers are entitled to make measures to organize the stand in an acceptable manner, the cost of which will be borne by the absent participant.

Article 3. Reserving the right to reject fair participants
3.1.The organiser has the right to reject an application from a fair participant due to over-subscription or even without stating any reason. Not complying with the fair regulations can be a reason for the organiser to have fair participants removed without restitution of the lease of the stand.
3.2. Rejection of a registration shall never create any legal right to any form of compensation to be paid by the organiser as a result of said rejections supposedly causing losses suffered by the applicant.

Article 4. Excluded products
4.1. In the complex where the fair is to be held, the following products shall not be permitted: inflammable and, in general, all goods considered by the fire department, the lessor of the halls, or the organiser to be dangerous or disturbing for participants or visitors. Highly inflammable materials may not be used for construction or decoration of the stand area. When using inflammable materials for the upholstery of the stand, these should be sufficiently impregnated with fireproof substances.
Participants are to ensure that the packaging of their goods is made non-flammable and that it is stored in a closed-off section of the stand. The stocking and use of bottles containing liquid gas within the buildings is not permitted. The organiser and the fire department can grant dispensation from this injunction for demonstration purposes, upon a request to that effect.
4.2. It is also forbidden to display or distribute photographs or printed matter of a political nature, or any other documents which the organiser considers could harm the good name and the success of the manifestation.

Article 5. Fire department and safety regulations
5.1. All exits, passageways, aisles, staircases, etc. may not ever be blocked in any way, completely or partially.
5.2. All fire extinguishers and fire cocks must always be visible and directly accessible.
5.3. The participant is obliged to immediately follow all instructions from the organiser, the lessor of the halls and/or the fire department.

Article 6. Lease of stand and stand space
6.1. Before the stand is taken into use, the participant or representative shall present proof of full payment of the fair costs.
6.2. Participants should personally acquaint themselves with legislation, regulations, tax, copyrights, permits, insurance, etc.
6.3. In signing the registration form, participants acknowledge the fact that they have been fully informed on all pros and cons regarding the area or stand they have accepted. In view of the fact that the exhibition takes place in existing buildings, the assigned areas should be accepted in their present state.
6.4. The participants are assigned an area by the organiser which is in keeping with the nature of the company and surface area agreed. The organiser will try comply as much as possible with the individual desires of the participants.
6.5. The price per square metre includes general hall lighting and heating, and use and maintenance of the toilet.
6.6. When private stand construction is used, this construction shall be kept within the measures of the standard stands, 2,5 meters high, and have a professional character. The walls of the stand have to be made of a sturdy material (e.g. wood or synthetic fibre). The use of (party)tents, tarpaulin or canvas is not permitted. In case the height of your stand is not similar to the standard height, you have to take care yourself for the right finishing touch. You shall present your building plans to the organiser of the fair for inspection no more than four weeks before the beginning of the fair. All designs must be approved by the organisation. The organisation reserves the right to reject non-professional stands on the day of construction.
6.7. It is forbidden to apply any material into walls, floors and rafters of the building. Nothing may be fixed in or to the walls of leased stands. In the event of damage being caused, the amount shall be determined in consultation with the lessor of the hall and charged to the participant.
6.8. Floorcovering and an electricity connection in the stand are obliged. Electrical connection and the power consumption of the stand are calculated per wall socket suitable for 3 KW, 16 Amp. secured.
6.9. Subletting of stands is not permitted. Should this occur, the organiser can close the stand immediately, without the participant having any right to compensation or reimbursement of stand money.
6.10. Minimal rent floor space is 9 m2. The minimal depth of the stand is 2 meters.

Article 7. Lay-out of stands
The organiser has the right to close the stand without prior notice, if it is found that the participant is not in compliance with the conditions below:
7.1. The stands and exhibited products shall be built up and presented in such a way that they in no way disfigure or form an obstruction to stands close-by, or to visitors.
7.2. The organisation reserves the right to change or adapt stand measurements or stand areas if it finds this necessary.

7.3. It is prohibited to distribute advertising, or to organise other publicity campaigns during the fair without the prior written consent of the organiser. Samples or printed matter may not be distributed outside the assigned stand area. Applying illuminated advertising outside the stand surface area is strictly prohibited.
7.4. Any demonstration in whatever shape or form, or any publicity to attract visitors to a stand which could obstruct other stands or visitors, is forbidden. If sound levels during demonstrations rise above 60 DB, one is obliged to hold this demonstration in a separate space unless it is in the interest of all participants. General presentations by the organisation are exempted.

Article 8. Maintaining order
8.1. The lessor of the hall shall ensure that order is maintained within his buildings and sites. To this end he provides regulations and instructions as he deems necessary to ensure order and safety, and he will regulate and limit, in consultation with the organiser, opening up his buildings and sites to participants and visitors. Staff or authorised representatives of the lessor of the hall, provided they can properly identify themselves, shall always have access to the halls, including stand areas.
8.2. The participant is obliged to comply strictly with regulations and instructions, as referred to in the previous article, as well as other (government) regulations in the interest of order and safety. In joint consultation, the lessor of the halls and the organiser reserve the right to take such measures as they deem fit or necessary against any participant who, as described in the previous sentence, does not comply fully with the obligation. These provisions can mean complete or partial clearing of the stand, or closing of the stand. Finally, regarding said participant, they reserve the legal right to consider participation as immediately terminated. This without releasing the participant from payment of all costs incurred by him, including costs regarding termination or the measures taken, and without the participant having any claim on compensation for losses in any form or shape.

Article 9. Supply and delivery of products
The organiser cannot be held responsible for receiving shipments, nor for the material and/or construction of the stands, nor for the exhibited products or goods. The participants shall be responsible for taking care of the supply, unpacking, exhibiting, packing and transport of all their own products. This shall be done by themselves or by their representatives. For the duration of the fair, no goods shall be transported without the prior written consent of the organiser. After dismantling the stand, everything shall be tidied up properly and handed over to the organiser in good order. The final time at which this can be done has been provided.

Article 10. Representation
10.1. Participants shall ensure that there is at least one representative with proxy present during construction, normal opening hours of the fair and during dismantling. This representative must belong to the permanent staff of the participant.
10.2. Participants shall only have access to the fair from one hour before until 30 minutes after normal opening hours.

Article 11. Participants badge
A free access badge shall be provided for each 5 sq.m. of leased stand area, with a minimum of 3 badges to a maximum number of 15 badges. If more stand manager badges are needed, these can be ordered from the organisation of the fair against a cash payment. These badges are exclusively for use by stand managers and/or their staff, and shall not be passed on to third parties. The badges must be clearly displayed.

Article 12. Seminars
It is forbidden for participants to organise a seminar, a course or a training on the stand; unless it is in the interest of all participants and with the prior written concent of the organiser. The organiser must in this case be familiar with the contents. No payment may be demanded for access.

Article 13. Keeping the stands clean
Participants shall ensure that their stands are cleaned every day and that they are in a proper state. This shall be done within 1 hour before normal opening hours, or within 30 minutes after closure. Non-reusable packaging and all other waste shall be removed by yourself, or removed against payment by the lessor of the hall.

Article 14. Water/telephone
Connections for water and telephone may not always be possible. If a water connection is possible, the following regulations shall apply: the exhibitor must adhere to the instructions and regulations determined by the organisation regarding the use of water connections. There are strict regulations with particular reference to the prevention of the Legionella bacteria. The organisation reverses the right to subject intended work to its approval. The organisation may contract the work to be performed out to a recognised installer.

Article 15. Insurance and liability
The organiser shall not be held responsible for damage or losses suffered in any shape or form, direct or indirect, by the participant, his staff or visitors – operating damage and damage or loss as a result of theft, destruction or any other cause included – if said damage or loss is caused by third parties. The participant indemnifies the organiser against liability from third parties, as a result of damage or loss in any shape or form, caused by the participant himself, his staff or his visitors.

Article 16. Cancellation
Registered participants who cancel participation in the fair within two months before the opening of the fair, and within fourteen days of signing the registration form, can claim acquittal from all payments due, less 10% for costs incurred. Participants who cancel after this date for whatever reason shall have no claim on acquittal of payments due.

Article 17. Unforeseen circumstances
17.1. If, in the organiser’s opinion, special circumstances warrant it, the organiser may change the dates, times and/or location for the exhibition, or decide that the exhibition will be cancelled altogether.
17.2. Special circumstances as mentioned in the previous paragraph are defined as market conditions and any other circumstances which, after a weighing up of interests, could, in the organiser’s opinion, jeopardise the success of the exhibition.
17.3. In all cases not provided for by these regulations, the organiser shall decide. The organiser also has the right to change or add to these regulations at any time he sees fit.

Article 18. Disputes
18.1. All disputes which may arise between The Exhibition Company BV and a participant as a result of participation or these regulations shall be settled according to Dutch law and by the authorised judge in Utrecht.
18.2. The original Dutch text of the participant’s contract or any further agreement reached between parties, arising from it, shall be definitive.

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